Top 10 International Events to Party At

When deciding where to go on holidays we consider many factors. Weather, sports, food, money, distance and ofcourse bars, nightclubs and the general nightlife. If you love a good party and are one of those people who regularly hits up the clubs and bars in your hometown, then the party life of a place is something you should think about. Each country / city has its very own special festival or cultural celebration and getting involved is part of the fun. Perhaps when planning your next trip, you should check out these places for great traditional partying.

10: Calgary Stampede, Canada

A ten day rodeo which attracts millions of tourists annually, this is held in the second week of July. The festival features a huge parade and an after party in celebration where beer floes and hook ups in one of the pulsating bars, nightclubs or pubs are a huge.

9: All-Star Fiesta, Cancun, Mexico

If boobs, booty and booz are what you’re after, I hear this festival held over five days is just for you! You’ll find fashion shows, record releases, wild basketball games and generally, celebrities are found relaxing around the event alongside the other 10,000 visitors.

8: Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Apparently, six million people converge on this historical city for a party where the drink of choice and the reason to get together during the month of October is beer. Get it in any form, made from anywhere, in any sized glass. This festival starts off with a huge parade through the streets, finishing up at noon where the Mayor of Munich sips the first pint. It’s a crazy time where local breweries compete for patron’s affections and the title of best beer. I hear the place to drink at during the month is Hofbaugaus but getting there before 10.30 is a must or you most certainly won’t get a table.

7: La Tomatina, Spain

Spain is the place to party around the world [and believe it or not has the highest density of bars and nightclubs in the world]. This place also has an amazing tradition which marks the end of the harvesting season. Since 1945, on the last Wednesday in August, 30,000 people hit the little town of Bunol in the Valencia region for the worlds largest food fight. Imagine chucking tomatoes at your friends while drinking and dancing and enjoying dishes like paella and a glass of warm sangria.

6: Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, California

Started in 1906, this party, held on the third Sunday of May is a college drinking bash meets fancy dress party. Imagine over 70,000 beautiful people dancing, drinking on a seven mile beach with no shoes, dressed up in all kinds of crazy costumes. There is carts with beers spilling out the top and lots of nude fun both outside and inside the wide selection of bars and nightclubs.