The Legend of El Muerto

El Muerto, “the dead one”, is the narrative of a headless horseman that threatens the region side in west Texas/Southeast New Mexico and Northern Chihuahua Mexico. A large portion of us have found out about “El Muerto” and believe it to be unadulterated fiction, however as per Dobie J. Blunt, during the 1800’s this story of a headless horseman on a blazing dark steed is in reality obvious. Visit – ตำนานน่ากลัว


Vidal was the name of the one who turned into the headless horseman. After the Mexican war, Mr. Vidal had double-crossed his kin and was working for the Americans when the war finished. He could no longer return to Mexico, so to get by he depended on taking ponies and taking them to Mexico to offer them to who actually would purchase the ponies without posing inquiries. One night while the greater part of the farmers were off battling against a Comanche attack, Vidal and his men struck a pony ranch in San Antonio taking many ponies. Unfortunate for them, two of the farmers had not gone to battle the Comanche and had remained behind to care for their farm. At the point when they saw the criminals take the ponies they gave pursue. In transit they were joined by “Bigfoot Wallace, an acclaimed name in Texas history and apparently an inhumane executioner.” They got up to speed to the hoodlums and slaughtered them. It was Bigfoot Wallace who proposed that they should remove Vidal’s head and tie his body to his pony to send a solid message to other pony cheats. This is the manner by which the legend started. Individuals would see this plague day or night as it threatened the open country. Some would shoot the rider yet he would simply keep riding as though nothing had occurred. Individuals were terrified. Some solidified outskirts men feared nothing, they stated, so they unveiled a snare to the pony and with a shot they cut him down immediately. When they moved toward the rider they saw it was embalmed and brimming with projectile openings in this way finishing the puzzle of the legend of “El Muerto” or did they?


There is an account of a couple who purchased a house in Anthony, New Mexico numerous years after the puzzle was comprehended. The spouse was a major consumer and would go out drinking with his companions each night and his better half would remain at home. One night the spouse heard what seemed like a pony was strolling on the wooden scaffold that was simply outside the house. At the point when she went outside to perceive what it was, she was scared at seeing this spooky body on a red hot dark steed. At the point when the spouse got back from drinking throughout the night, she mentioned to him what she had seen. Persuaded that she was making the entire thing up to shield him from making the most of his delights, after the third time she had disclosed to him a similar story, he chose to remain at home and demonstrate to her unequivocally that there was no headless horseman or any blazing dark steed besides. At some point during the night, the two of them heard the pony steps on the wooden extension. The two of them ran outside to perceive what it was and low and observe there it was, “El Muerto”