How To Get Your Annual Credit Report Free!

A free prepaid credit card may be the best solution to keeping debt free and managing monthly expenses. Unlike a traditional high interest credit card, a free prepaid card works by simply adding funds from your bank account or transferring funds from another credit card. You can also directly deposit a paycheck into your account. Liquid with THC

Many people like the simplicity of a prepaid card. It can be purchased at most shipping and mailbox businesses or retail drug stores like Walgreen’s, CVS, or Rite Aid. Prepaid cards are available to anyone including people with bad credit or even with a past bankruptcy record. If you don’t have a bank account you can pay for the card with cash. You also do not have to wait for a credit check or apply with references, work information, or salary information. Simply purchase the card, add funds, and you are ready to shop!

Another advantage of a prepaid credit card is it helps manage spending habits. If you are new to the world of credit cards or simply trying to teach your teenager how to manage credit, one of these types might be the best solution. It is also possible to print out reports of your spending from online credit company websites.

If you have bad credit history there is also hope. A prepaid credit card can help you reestablish good credit. Simply maintain a certain balance, don’t go over the amount you deposit, and request monthly account activity reports be sent to major credit bureaus. After several months of consistent balances, credit companies will start viewing you as a safer holder.

Unfortunately with a prepaid card account you can’t partake in the benefits of traditional credit cards such as frequent flyer miles, road side assistance, or fraud protection. Some traditional credit cards offer rewards for frequent use and good credit standing. It is possible though by proving your fiscal responsibility with credit cards to redeem some of those benefits and mostly importantly improve your credit history